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About Us

Our Vision

Our vision here at JustSpine is simple - provide our customers with products that will bring them a better and healthier lifestyle.

From The Beginning

Back pain is uncomfortable, and it limits the enjoyment and activities you can do with your life. We have started JustSpine, because we believe back and body pain should not prevent you from doing your favorite activities. Everyone deserves to live comfortably. Our goal is to provide you with the absolute best solutions to prevent and alleviate back pain.

We fully stand by and believe in our products and what they can do for you. The unique blend of technology within our products are made to ensure you can life a comfortable life. 

We hope to give our customers a little bit of peace of mind when they use our products. To this day we are proud to consistently serve our growing community of satisfied customers. We thank every one of you for your support.

We Have Relocated!

It has been exciting times over here at JustSpine, our customers have helped us continue to grow & become the most trusted and #1 Rated Back Stretcher across the US. 

Thanks to your help, our little company is now expanding and we have relocated to a warehouse in the heart New Jersey, USA. Enjoy Free 3-5 Day Shipping!